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Watch this heartfelt testimonial from Keri Murphy, Susan, and Krysten who have participated in sessions with me.


A wonderful testimonial from Colin Parker, the Co-Founder and President of Present and Positive, an intentional community and retreat center located in Idyllwild, CA. Colin recently completed my Level I-Realizing Self, 12 week program and has generously shared this video of his experience working with me.


Watch this heartfelt testimonial from Keri Newall, Founder and Facilitator at ​ She completed Level 1 – Realizing Self, 12 week program and continues to participate in Level 2- Living in the Flow program. Listen to the extraordinary results she has achieved through her work with me.




I have seen many coaches and therapists over the years. I’ve taken courses all over North America in search of healing my anxiety and constant need to achieve. Before meeting Sabrina, I didn’t truly believe that I could ever be different- more calm and have inner peace.

Nicole M. Psychotherapist, Toronto,ON

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