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I create a safe and loving container for deep empathic listening where clients gain access to their pain and  the unconscious patterns that perpetuate it. We learn to deal with dis-ease directly and powerfully. My comprehensive approach to self-awareness and self-healing is guided in steps through a curriculum of experiential exercises. As we learn to embody our emotions fully with nonresistance we release decades of hurt and find the freedom to be our authentic sleves. 

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and healing from current and past trauma."

"Experience emotional



My clients experience emotional breakthroughs and healing from current and past trauma . They learn to relate to themselves in a new and profound way; free from destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors and with a deeper sense of who they are, what’s important to them and how to manifest their true purpose. One’s journey to inner peace and self realization can be extremely difficult and discouraging to do alone. My commitment is to guide you with grace and love so that you can integrate those qualities in every aspect of your life.

Phase 1- Exploration

In this phase we dive into the deeper layers of your subconscious patterns and explore unresolved events, their respective emotional imprint and how this imprint is manifesting itself in your life. You will learn the basics of the Work as fundamental tools for living to keep you empowered from a place of Self awareness giving you the courage to move forward in areas that seemed previously impossible.

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Phase 2- Taking Personal


In this phase we start to take action on your emotional blockages by applying the tools to experience and release them. This includes experiencing them in the inner realm of one’s individual body and memories and also in the outer realm of one’s life by facing current circumstances with power and clarity. Every step is determined by your willingness to grow and allow for change to take place within you.

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Phase 3- A New Self Is


In this phase we begin to align your emotional experience with your inner most desires and goals.  We create a life design that is an expression of your new authentic self. You will learn to harness the power of your emotional energy (energy in motion) and use it to create your thoughts and propel your physical actions. In this phase, mind, body and spirit are working collaboratively to manifest the life YOU choose to live. From here anything is possible.


Guided Online


Learn how to harness your full potential through healing and manifestation

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